Chemical Suction


These chemical transfer hose are available with a variety of synthetic polymers. These versatile hoses can handle 70% of all of today’s chemicals. Acid, (Bases) and Solvents including Aromatics, Aliphatics, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Aldehydes and Ester.


Tube is black synthetic rubber specially compounded for handling concentrated chemicals and acids. with synthetic yarn or synthetic cards or fabric plies for extra bursting pressure. These hoses have a minimum safety factor of 4:1


Inner Diameter(Inch)Inner Diameter(MM)Ply or BraidWP (PSI)WP (KG/CM2)
1 1/431.00215010
1 1/238.00315010
1 3/445.00315010
2 1/263.0515010
Generally conforming to IS 7654/75 Type II

Tailor Made Product, Available from 1" to 24" as per requirement.